Fostering Inclusion Through Employee Business Networks

McDonald’s Employee Business Networks

Our Employee Business Networks (EBNs) are employee-led communities serving to promote an inclusive work environment, foster relationships, support career development and help grow our business through targeted feedback channels. The structure of each community is designed to provide a source of mentors, role models and sponsors and to give members access to senior leadership, get advice on career planning, and provide opportunities that help support its members for advancement within our Company.

Our EBNs

EBNs play a significant role in empowering our employees and shaping our culture. Read more about the mission of each of our EBNs and how they drive our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) strategy below:

Asian Pacific Middle East Network (APMEN)

The network is committed to inspiring and supporting development of Asian Pacific and Middle Eastern employees so they can reach their fullest potential.

Disability Inclusion Group (DIG)

The network’s mission is to create spaces of representation and belonging within the McDonald’s community for people with disabilities and their allies.

Global Women’s Leadership Network (GWLN)

As McDonald’s largest and only truly global enterprise EBN, its mission is to support a culture where women at all levels have equal opportunities to develop, advance and succeed. It acts as a catalyst for change and a valuable thought partner for McDonald’s DEI initiatives, advocating for equal pay and contributing guidance in areas such as gender diversity and women’s retention.

Hispanic Employee Business Network (HEBN)

The network’s vision is to drive business momentum, elevate talent and build a pipeline of Hispanic leaders at McDonald’s.


The McDonald’s Black Employee Network (BGLDN)

BGLDN is the McDonald’s employee business network that seeks to empower Black employees across the diaspora. Our goal is to unite, advance, and retain Black talent. Through our principles of access, opportunity, empowerment, and inclusion, we will help drive business results that elevate the brand and authentically represent our community.

Pride EBN

Pride strives to build awareness, equity, inclusion and opportunity for employees and customers from the LGBTQ+ community.

Veteran Employee Business Network (VEBN)

VEBN seeks to recognize, cultivate and elevate McDonald’s veterans. Programming builds community, awareness and pride, and opens doors to opportunities for developing and investing in veteran career advancement. Members serve as “think tanks,” providing input and addressing gaps in understanding about the needs of veteran employees and customers.

Working Parents Business Network (WPBN)

WPBN fosters an environment of inclusion for McDonald's employees who are working parents and caregivers through advocacy, shaping of policies, promotion of resources, and fostering of connections.

Young Professionals Network (YPN)

YPN strives to develop future leaders, while providing a fresh perspective that drives the business and energizes the brand.

Learn More About Our Networks

Whether you’re someone who identifies with the group; are an ally, advocate, or inclusive leader; or an individual who is just curious to learn more, we encourage all employees to join one or more of our EBNs


All EBNs at McDonald’s contribute to our welcoming and inclusive culture, empower employees to pursue their career aspirations, and strengthen our communities through volunteerism, charitable giving and strategic partnerships.

Here’s one spotlight that overviews the impactful work of the Pride EBN